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Temperature and Weather

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In Atacames the seasons have also changed a bit like everywhere. So we only can give you approximate information about the weather conditions. 

The hot, rainy season usually lasts from November to May. Rainy season does not mean that during this period it is .. "continue with a click on the title" only raining but there can be really heavy rains. You may have one week of beautiful sunny days without rain, but it can also be the opposite. Normally you will have half a day sunny. During this season you also will have more sunny and hot days and only little or no wind. Temperatures can rise up until 35 °C/ 95 °F or even a bit more. 

The warm, sunny season usually lasts from Mai to November. During this period you may have cloudy and windy days with pleasant temperatures until max. 30 °C/ 86 °F. When it rains it is for a short time and little rain.

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