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Don’t carry big bills; there is no possibility for changing big bills like 50 or 100 USD, not even in Esmeraldas. (In Quito “Banco Central” or on the Calle Amazonas in Quito).
In Atacames you will find ATMs from Banco de Pichincha, Banco de Guayaquil and Banco Internacional. The ATMs gives you 20 and 10 dollar bills.
Cash transfers to Atacames can be made by the bus company “TransportesEsmeraldas” from Quito or other Ecuadorian cities where TransEsmeraldas has an office.  

Atacames has a WESTERN UNION. office
You may need a high sun protector. You will get it here in many places, but prices are quite high.
In the rainy season you will need necessarily a repellent, better to have one at any time of the year. There are good repellents available.
There are also soothing solutions available for existing or new mosquito bites and sunburn.
If you have an emergency in Atacames there are doctors, clinics, medical centers, dentists, a lot of pharmacies and even veterinaries for your pets available. Next airport you reach in 45 minutes. There are every day flights to Quito and Guayaquil.
Where ever you travel in Ecuador or South America you have to be careful with your belongings especially with electronics, cameras and cash. The black market says hello! The same goes for Atacames. Beach walks after sunset and too much trust to any nice looking and nice talking person can result in a bad experience. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than in a bad company.
Avoid empty streets - don’t drink too much – don’t buy or consume drugs – watch your drink - take a cab when you have this strange “feeling” even if it is only for 2 blocks – believe the local people when they tell you to be careful or you should not go to certain districts or streets. Don’t go to the beach with valuable things, in Atacames as well as on any beach or here or in Brazil or Italy, things disappear and you sometimes you never will find out how it happened.
By travelling don’t put the daily bag in the luggage space over your head or on the floor even if you think you would feel it if someone tries to take out something (also in Internet coffees, bus stations, etc.). Put it on your leggs. For long distances do only travel with bus companies that give you a ticket for your luggage for putting it in the luggage compartment, otherwise take it with you on the bus. We recommend TransEsmeraldas or Panamericana.

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